Virtual CIO Services: Strategic Expertise in Increasing IT Value Added

Today, faced with the magnitude of IT in an organization, managers are sometimes overwhelmed by the many tasks related to IT, its optimization and its management. Businesses may also lack internal resources to maximize the use of IT. That’s whyONIA Networks offers virtual CIO services to organizations. Our certified virtual CIO team leverages its expertise to increase the performance of your IT infrastructure.

eONIA Networks is proud to offer virtual CIO solutions to help you implement strategies based on your challenges, goals and budget. We know that IT is a big part of a business and that it creates tedious tasks for managers to manage. To keep you focused on the performance and growth of your business, we offer virtual CIO services.

Whether you need an onsite expert on a business transition or a permanent IT leadership within your organization, eONIA Networks has the solution for you. We are available to advise you on your networks, infrastructure or IT in general. Our goal is to find technological solutions that meet your specific business needs.

The expertise of our virtual CIO team is essential to limit technological risks, to make informed choices, to anticipate changes and to maximize the use of IT.

As computer experts, we will use our knowledge of the industry to find services designed to reduce your technical problems and evolve along with your business. In line with your goals, our virtual CIO solutions will add real value to your current IT. Constantly changing, the world of computing is constantly changing, that’s why our team is always on the lookout for news and exploits their full potential.

Understanding your business and identifying your needs

We will start by learning more about your organization to find solutions that match your goals and needs.

Creation of a strategic roadmap

By having full knowledge of your company, its objectives and its challenges, we create a strategic roadmap with tailor-made, relevant and measurable solutions.

Achievement of objectives

The solutions we offer are designed to help you achieve your business goals. Our increased knowledge in the field allows us to select solutions carefully.

Acquisition and deployment of solutions

Our strategic roadmap tells you more about the solutions that need to be implemented within your organization and the best ways to achieve them.


eONIA Networks regularly schedules meetings between your company’s leaders and our virtual CIO team to analyze current issues. This analysis leads to an action plan designed to solve all your problems.

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