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eONIA Networks offers eON managed services for businesses of all sizes in order to optimize their performance.

We provide a variety of infrastructure services to help organizations of all sizes with additional IT needs.

In line with your goals, our virtual CIO solutions will add real value to your current IT.

eONIA Networks, the IT partner that responds to technology


As an IT partner, we position technology to meet your specific needs and growth goals. Our managed IT team proactively monitors and manages the entire infrastructure so issues do not interfere with the core business functions.

We know that all the problems of a company’s IT infrastructure can be very numerous and require more time and skills. The consequences are sometimes disastrous: you lose unimaginable time in managing your IT assets and solving problems. This waste of time impacts the management and production of your business.

In order to invest more time in growing your business, you can outsource your managed IT services to the eONIA Networks Proactive Team.

Infrastructure Services: An Undeniable Asset for Transforming a Business IT Infrastructure


All companies have an IT infrastructure that is more or less flexible and adapted to the market. In the face of rapid changes in IT and emerging technologies, it is sometimes complex for companies to adapt to changes. To maintain relevant IT infrastructure at minimal cost, it is necessary for the business to be proactive. That’s why eONIA Networks offers innovative infrastructure services tailored to your business objectives.

Virtual CIO Services: Strategic Expertise in Increasing IT Value Added


Today, faced with the magnitude of IT in an organization, managers are sometimes overwhelmed by the many tasks related to IT, its optimization and its management. Businesses may also lack internal resources to maximize the use of IT. That’s whyONIA Networks offers virtual CIO services to organizations. Our certified virtual CIO team leverages its expertise to increase the performance of your IT infrastructure.

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