Infrastructure Services: An Undeniable Asset for Transforming a Business IT Infrastructure

All companies have an IT infrastructure that is more or less flexible and adapted to the market. In the face of rapid changes in IT and emerging technologies, it is sometimes complex for companies to adapt to changes. To maintain relevant IT infrastructure at minimal cost, it is necessary for the business to be proactive. That’s why eONIA Networks offers innovative infrastructure services tailored to your business objectives.

Office 365 Migrations

Migration to the cloud is a big job on your infrastructure. Our team ensures that the transfer of data is carried out without any loss and that you benefit from a powerful infrastructure after the migration.

Infrastructure / Data Center Move

For a successful transfer of the company’s infrastructure, increased planning is required to avoid operational disruptions and to continue business operations. The migration of the data center is just as important.

Storage / SAN projects

We implement bespoke data storage solutions. SAN storage enables your organization to consolidate information, speed up data retrieval, and provide a high level of security.

Backup solutions

To lose no data in business, data backup solutions are essential. With complete and secure backup solutions, you back up your IT infrastructure and avoid expensive issues.

Cloud solutions

Our enterprise cloud solutions are essential to evolve your IT infrastructure. Cloud (cloud) solutions are needed to host all your data and make it accessible anywhere.

Refreshing the material

The IT field is constantly evolving, which is why it is important to modernize the hardware of your infrastructure to face new challenges. We offer IT asset purchases tailored to your business and infrastructure.

Realize IT redesign projects

We carry out computer overhaul projects in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the infrastructure. In the long run, such a project can save costs for the company.

Network and virtualization design

To make your IT infrastructure more flexible and efficient, virtualization is the most appropriate technology. We optimize your infrastructure with cost-effective virtualization solutions.

Upgrading Switching / Network Routing

To propagate data more easily, network routing is required. We are upgrading network routing so that it can perform better in your organization.

Selecting and implementing the firewall

To enhance the security of your infrastructure, the firewall protects your network from malicious access. We select and install the most appropriate firewall for your organization’s IT security needs.

Wireless Wi-Fi deployments

Implementing a Wi-Fi wireless network requires good planning to optimize network security and performance. We select a bespoke solution and install it at a lower cost in your infrastructure.


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