EON Managed Services: Proactive Technology at the Heart of Business Growth



Control and verification of the proper functioning of the IT structure


Detection of malicious attacks and unusual activities on the network


Supervision of security risks with fast and effective solutions to protect your network.



Obtaining software licenses that enable constant analysis of IT processes


Simplify patching and patch management


Optimization of software, data and IT processes

IT assets:


Ordering of software, hardware and other IT assets relevant to the proper functioning of the business

Warranty Management

Track software licenses and IT assets.

IT processes and procedures:

Optimization of the IT services of the company for a better functioning.

Computer consulting


Monitoring of the IT environment, anomaly detection and incident management


Obtain full network reports and security audits


Decision making tailored to your business goals and tailored advice

Project planning

Relevant recommendations and short and long-term planning for your managed IT services

All of our plans and decisions are tailored to your business goals and the highest standards in the industry. In addition, our managed IT services team has one goal: to optimize your IT assets by contributing to the success of your business.

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