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We firmly believe that an exceptional service of managed IT solutions must be seen by the general public, in all transparency. However, the world of search engines is not always so, and Eonia has decided to put itself in front of the most qualified queries of the Net surfers in relation to the infrastructure services, the virtual CIO services3, the managed services, and the network and networking solutions for businesses and SMEs.

A clear and organized site for managed IT solutions


For a good SEO, all SEO agencies in Montreal will tell you that content must be perfectly understandable for humans, and for crawlers search engines.

In our market, companies are looking for very specific keywords that we try to work with over time, in clear and informative articles.

All our website is organized in clear services, and the regions we serve are also represented, with precise, simple and understandable content for all.


What is well understood is clearly stated for everyone – even for google!

Digital publications to reference.


To be able to be present at the top of Google’s search results, it’s not enough to type “SEO Montreal” or “SEO Montreal” on Google. It is necessary to go meet public relations experts, who will make you talk about you.

More than directory agencies, existing resources today literally allow you to know everything about experts in SEO, natural, and organic (so not paying), to be naturally well placed in your market